Ötzi Bike Academy

The Naturns Bike Academy focuses on pleasant, healthy exercise in natural surroundings and thus on the growing trend of health sports. The lonesome battle against the stopwatch does not take priority for us. We focus on team-oriented cycling in groups. According to your training level, there is exactly the right thing for everyone – from complete beginners to extreme cyclists.

" Unique bike lessons without over-exertion that make cycling fun, are our aim. The pleasant, interesting tours will be an experience for guests, who will value the expertise of the Ötzi Bike Academy."

The cyclist advantage

  • We provide high quality support for all training levels
  • We not only appeal to sports enthusiasts but also to guests with less training
  • We create fun and pleasure through unique cycling experiences
  • We focus on the group experience and not individual performance, thus creating a unique team atmosphere
  • We produce successful experiences for all abilities
  • We offer customers new experiences with nature

The partnership between the hotel and the Ötzi Bike Academy

  • All accommodation providers meet the cycling-specific requirements of the Ötzi Bike Academy (lockable bike room, bike tools, etc…)
  • No minimum and no maximum number of participants (if more people join than planned, another guide will come along)
  • Guaranteed tours
  • Partner companies have preferential access and no other guests can take part in the tours
  • The hotels cater for cyclists and provide perfect hire bikes and equipment (helmet, drinks bottles, etc…)
  • Simply register and pay via the hotel
  • Information on tours and bike regions at your hotel
More information on the Ötzi Bike Academy is available from www.oetzi-bike-academy.com!
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