As a sustainable hotel in South Tyrol, we are part of the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025.

"For us as a family business, contributing to climate protection and sustainable business practices are important foundations of our company values. We see ourselves as a microcosm in a responsible economic system whose actions secure the future for future generations." Family Tappeiner

It's in our hands. Everything we do emits greenhouse gases. CO2 with greenhouse gases are the cause of global warming and climate change.
Melting glaciers, extreme weather events such as storms, hail, heavy rain or floods. These are the first impacts. Noticeable.
We can counteract this. Operate climate neutral. For our future and that of our children.

In the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025, companies, regardless of industry, location, and size, are centrally supported in their path to climate neutrality.

The primary goal is to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and thus to curb climate change. Members are individually supported in reduction measures and made climate-neutral with respect to their CO2e corporate footprint within a maximum of twelve years from joining.

Through the support of high-quality climate protection projects in developing countries, the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025 indirectly contributes to sustainable growth there. Projects around the world depend on voluntary commitment in the field of climate neutrality. Villages benefit from the side effects of growth, such as the expansion of infrastructure and educational institutions. This enables parents to provide themselves and their children with a more livable and safer future. Nature can also recover when deforestation is stopped or reforestation is carried out.

Together with the Vitalpina Hotels, we have set an important milestone, as our environment is very important to us. As a sustainable hotel in South Tyrol, we would like to welcome you to Naturns in the pleasant climate and make our contribution to environmental protection in the hotel industry with this alliance.

Performance and savings of the existing photovoltaic system

PV system Hotel Belvedere Unit
Capacity 51.4 kW
Annual production of green energy 59,110.00 kWp
Avoided CO2 from photovoltaic 0.35 kg/kWh
CO2 savings per year 20.6885 t/a
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