Mountain Backdrop and Palm Trees

Marvel at the fantastic contrasts surrounding our hotel: in Merano and environs

In Merano and environs, the fusion of Alpine charm and Mediterranean flair have always provided a quite a unique atmosphere. The climate here is constantly mild and we get the most sun per year of anywhere in Europe, making this the ideal area for outdoor activities. Whether you prefer to meander along the ‘Waalwege’ – the local name for the characteristic walkways along the irrigation channels – between the orchards or whether you prefer to look down over the rooftops after an exhilarating climb, one thing is certain… the unique scenery here is stunning! Follow in the footsteps of extreme mountaineering legend, Reinhold Messner, or simply wander through the magical spa town of Merano’s pergolas and arcades. Diversity is guaranteed.
From our hotel, the Merano and environs regions is within easy reach!


Charming Spa Town

This exciting town has been drawing visitors since the 19th century. It’s well worth a visit!


Sun-Kissed Holiday Destination

With its mild climate, fascinating countryside and a wide range of cultural activities, Naturno never fails to draw guests from all over.

Surrounding Area

Multifaceted South Tyrol

The meeting of two cultures, the exciting landscape and the local traditions that are still alive today make South Tyrol quite a special holiday destination.
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